Innosa Projects

Our Typical Project Stages

Conveyor frame with no engineering drawings on file.​

Conveyor frame data captured using a Terrestrial 3D laser scanner

3D point cloud converted to accurate as-built 3D solid CAD model.​

Final delivery – 2D Engineering drawing & bill of quantities.​

Our Portfolio

Conveyor Frame at Terminal Point

Conveyor was damaged ,the contractor was
required to fix the damage but no engineering
drawings or BOQ’s was available. Innosa Projects
was employed to conduct 3D scanning ,generate
as-built drawings, fabrication drawings and bill of
quantities for the repairs.

3500 sqm. Building at the Waterfront

Client wanted to do renovations to the building but did not have a scope of what need to be repaired or replaced etc. Innosa Projects was employed to provide detailed scope. We conducted 3D scanning of the entire building, extracted all measurements, quantities of the repairs required, also produced 2D layout plans & a detailed report on findings.

Reverse engineering for a Minning contractor in P.E

A mining contractor wanted to manufacture their own teeth for their front end loader bucket, in order to achieve this they needed measurements/dimensions and with 3D scanning we were able to achieve this. 

Pulp and paper company in richards bay, sa

The client wanted to verify the positions of the rollers, relative to other components in their machine. A 3D scanner was used to capture every point in the machine into point cloud which was then modelled to a CAD model which will greatly fulfil the clients request.

aluminium smelter in richards bay, sa

The client required positions for the chute and feeder, verification if a new chute or feeder would fit on the existing support structures and clash detection. Using a 3D scanner we were able to greatly fulfil the requirements of the client in Point Cloud and CAD. 

transnet waterfront Building

We did another amazing job for our client who requested a Bill of Quantity for Repairs. This client wanted to conduct repairs on their building and needed a Bill of Quantity  report to achieve this. The whole building was scanned using a 3D scanner and a drone. Successfully, we were able to capture paranomic pictures as well as pictures of the roof. They were now able to acquire especially measurements for the places that needed fixing.

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