Innosa Projects

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Innosa Projects is continuing to drive innovation in the way in which we acquire and record
measurement data from physical environments, such as sites, buildings, civil engineering structures or
plant facilities & small components. Accessing very accurate measurement data using 3D Laser Scanning
technology which can be applied throughout your design, delivery and completion processes. Innosa
Projects work with, designers, architects, engineers, consultants and project managers, throughout the
country, to create efficiencies by providing the data you need to successfully deliver your project.

3D Scanning

• Collecting data ,acquiring
accurate physical objects
dimensions & geometry.

As-Built Documentation

• 3D & 2D As-built drawings
( LOD 100 – 500)
• Verify plant drawings(As-built)
and update
• Generating Isometrics

Plant & Building Assessment

• Clash detection (Design
• Construction &
Fabrication verifications
• Project Quality Control
• Bill of quantities

construction, drawing, engineering

Scope Development

• Assessment report with
recommendations for

Reverse Engineering

• Generating 3D solid
models from existing

Engineering Design

• Structural & Mechanical
design and Product


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Engineering Construction Management


Mining, Industrial Plants, Port Terminals

Experiencing These Problems

  • Numerous changes to site but not updated/documented on original drawings.
  • There’s a gap between information on drawings versus physical assets on site.
  • Mismatch designs causing delays in implementation and disturb production.

We Have Innovative Solutions


  • Volumetric analysis calculations
  • Structural surveys and monitoring
  • Aerial mapping and survey
  • 3D documentation for geological mapping and structural assessment
  • Mining equipment and Plant Product development  
  • Machinery refurb specifications

Industrial Plants

  • As-Built P&ID layout drawings
  • Plant modifications (additional capacity and improvement projects)
  • BIM implantations
  • Engineering design projects
  • Bulk material handling equipment design
  • Structural Engineering Design
  • Mechanical and structural inspections

Engineering Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Design Verification and Optimisation 
  • Tank volumetric Analysis and Assessments

Experiencing These Problems

  • Old buildings without 2D layout plans.
  • Railway Mapping & Bridge Scanning.
  • Changes during construction not documented &
    updated on design drawing to show As-built.
  • Don’t know how to determine the cause of arson or need representations and preserve evidence of arson crime scene.

We Have Innovative Solutions

Architectural & Construction

  • 3D models & 2D layout drawings for buildings ( BIM )
  • 3D scanning of concrete structures survey e.g  Bridges
  • Construction verification ( 3D scans & 3D  design model )
  • Concrete slabs survey
  • Heritage site documentation
  • 3D representations of arson crime scene


  • Engineering plant assessment & Improvements
  • Bulk Materials Handling Refurb & Rebuild specifications

Architectural, Engineering & Construction

Manufacturing & Product Development

Experiencing These Problems

  • Confirming overall dimensions on locally
    manufactured components.
  • No fabrication drawings for spare parts.
  • Jigs & Fixtures verification.

We Have Innovative Solutions

  • 3D laser scanning and Reverse engineering
  • First-article Dimensional Analysis
  • Calibration of Machinery & Robots , Tools & Jigs
  • Welding fixtures inspection and verification